The Flying Diamonds

The Sky Is Not The Limit Campaign

Developing training camps, promoting research, and pursuing opportunities to develop and manufacture products for the aviation industry. 

The Problem

It has been seen time and time again that aviation is not a diverse field. In fact, about 92% of aircraft pilots and flight engineers are white/males. This is mostly because other communities are not exposed to possibilities. On top of the lack of diversity seen in the aviation field, there is a demand for pilots that is higher than the number of pilots available. The Flying Diamonds Inc. was created to help combat these issues.

Your Help

With your help, we can continue to grow the program in order to reach out to more communities about the endless possibilities in aviation. In order to maybe a large impact we need money for resources like fuel. Fun fact the wings are where a plane’s fuel is stored. $500+ donations will receive a discovery flight once they are available.

A Cut Above The Rest


Atlanta, GA

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