About the Flying Diamond

“A Cut Above The Rest”

My name is Kyla Young and I am the Founder/CEO of the Flying Diamonds, Inc. I have had the pleasure of working in Aviation since 2019, and was introduced to the idea of becoming a pilot in the Air Force ROTC. Since then I have noticed that aviation is not so blessed to be diverse, and I would like to take part in that remarkable change.

Mission & Goal

The Sky Is Not The Limit

Our Mission

The Flying Diamonds Inc. aims to be the top performer in the Air Show Industry. The Flying Diamonds will perform novel, intricate, aerobatic maneuvers. The Flying Diamonds will develop training camps that aim to increase the knowledge of aviation and aerobatic performances, and flight overall. We promote research, and manufacture products from the aviation industry. We will make an effort to license drone pilots and aircraft pilots and secure aerobatic-drone endorsements. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to reach $100,000 in donations by Summer of 2024 to assist with the fulfillment of our mission. 

A Cut Above The Rest



Atlanta, GA

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